Cheesecake Mania is one of the very few cheesecake restaurants in Cairo. Their originality lies behind their story and history, with an authentic recipe that has been inherited for several generations, they needed to share this mouth-watering taste and perfectly put-together ingredients with as many cheesecake admirers as they possibly can.

In Mount Wolf, we were able to assist and guide Cheesecake Mania to earn the popularity it deserves through a well-directed marketing strategy that enhances its social media presence. This was performed through the following set of procedures:

-Enhancing their posts through creative designs

-Boosting their engagement through interactive designs

-Sharing a bunch of engaging content

-Establishing weekly giveaways given the name of “Fun Friday” which included interactive and fun riddles where the winners get to win free cheesecakes.

-Sharing regular stories to keep the customers updated about new offers and promotions.

-Implementing an effective media buying plan through Facebook and google ads with the help of our media buying team.

Services Provided:

Social Media Management

Social Media Management